Buy More Canned Tuna

Buying more canned tuna will mean several things. You'll be buying a food that's extremely good for you. You'll also be buying a food that is very affordable. Canned tuna doesn't need to be refrigerated, which means it can sit on your pantry shelf until you're ready to use it. And, finally, you'll be buying a food that's delicious and versatile. Of course, there are more reasons to buy canned tuna, but those reasons are pretty important.

A Few Simple Ways to Cook With Barbecue Sauce

If you are a big fan of barbecue sauce, you might always be looking to try different brands and flavors. You might like a nice, hot barbecue sauce with a great kick or you might like a sweet sauce. Although you might never get tired of trying barbecue sauce, you could be running out of ideas of how to cook with it or how to serve it. These are a few different ideas that you should try.

5 Accessories For Your Coffee-Loving Friend

Do you have someone in your life who absolutely loves coffee? Buying a creative gift for this person might seem tough. You could give them a few bags of coffee or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, but you've done that before—and you want to do something different this time! Here are five coffee-related accessories they're likely to appreciate. A Long-Handled Spoon A long-handled spoon will come in really handy when your friend makes coffee in a French press, or when they make coffee beverages in tall glasses.

Is Grass-Fed Meat Worth Buying?

Several years ago, grass-fed meat basically burst onto the consumer meat-buying scene. It had been around long before; it just didn't get that much attention. But with concerns about antibiotics and feedlot conditions growing among shoppers, many smaller meat operations turned to grass-fed, pasture-raised, or organic-raised cows. This meat was touted as much healthier, and stores and suppliers both saw an increase in requests. But again, this type of meat can cost more, so is it worth it for shoppers to buy it, and more importantly, is it worth it for markets to stock it?

3 Ways To Use Tobacco In Your Sweet And Savory Dishes

Most people are familiar with tobacco as being a harmful substance that is smoked in cigarettes or cigars. While this is one use of tobacco, the tobacco leaf can actually be used as an herb when cooking. Adding tobacco to your dishes lends them a subtle smoky flavor that can be used to create some interesting flavor combinations. Here are three ways that you can utilize tobacco in your sweet and savory dishes to make them more unique in the future: