Make the Switch to Have Your Buns Delivered

If your restaurant has been making its own buns so far, then making the switch to having buns delivered is sure to be a welcome change. Your kitchen staff will enjoy not having to make the buns, and you'll probably enjoy not having to pay them for all of the hours it took! To ensure the transition to having buns delivered is a smooth one, here are some tips you'll want to follow.

Check What Time the Buns Will Be Delivered

Bakeries are notorious for working early. They often bake overnight and have the product ready bright and early the next morning. You'll want to check with them to see what time they plan on delivering the buns to make sure you will have a staff member present at the time of delivery. Eventually, the bun delivery company may be comfortable sending their delivery person in to leave the buns behind with no staff member present, but you don't want to start off this way. Someone on your staff should be there to check the order, take the invoice, and make sure the buns are placed in the right spot.

Clear Space for the Buns

Before your first delivery, make sure you have an appropriate space cleared for the buns. This space needs to be somewhere cool so that the buns don't get overly warm and soggy before service. However, you do not want to store them in the cooler, or they'll get too cold and stiff. Storing the buns in a back room, alongside things like canned goods, tends to work well in many restaurants.

Figure Out How Many Buns You Need

When you're having buns delivered, you can't make adjustments to the quantity as easily as you can when your staff is baking their own buns. So, if you have not already, you really should spend some time calculating exactly how many you need to buy. Some delivery companies will deliver different amounts on different days. For instance, they may bring you 12 dozen on the weekends, but only 6 dozen on weekdays. Others will insist on delivering the same size order every time. Ask your delivery company which way they operate so you can plan your orders accordingly.

Making the switch to bun delivery can come with a few challenges, but they're easy enough to address. All in all, this is an easy way to stock your restaurant with great buns. Contact a bun delivery company or bakery in your area or more information about buns delivery.