Things To Check Into Before Buying Bulk Honey Roasted Pecans

You can often save money by buying nuts in bulk. The vendor saves on packaging this way, and they can pass some of those savings on to you. Plus, the vendor knows they'll be selling a large quantity of nuts, which means they can often offer a discount. Still, there are a few things to check into before buying honey-roasted pecan halves in bulk.

How Many Do You Have to Buy at One Time?

"Bulk" means different things to different companies. To some companies, it just means they'll give you your chosen amount, whether that amount is large or small. To other companies, it means you're definitely going to buy a large amount — whether that amount is 2 pounds or 12 pounds! So, before you buy those pecan halves, make sure you check how many the company requires you to order at once. You would not want to go in expecting to order 2 pounds and realize you need to order at least 10 to get bulk pricing.

When Were the Nuts Roasted?

Roasted nuts can stay good for about a month. After this, they start to lose their flavor and get a little stale. It will take longer before they go rancid and become actually inedible, but still, if you want to eat them at their peak, you want them to be relatively freshly roasted. Don't worry about the honey coating; honey doesn't go bad, and if anything, it may help those roasted pecans last longer. Some vendors list the roast date when selling nuts. If the one you are buying from does not, then you will need to contact them and ask for it. If the nuts they are currently selling are getting a little advanced in age, ask when they'll have a new batch in.

How Are the Nuts Protected in Shipping?

The point of buying pecan halves is that they're true halves of the nut. If you wanted nut pieces, you could buy those for a whole lot less. So, before you order your bulk pecans, always ask how they are protected during shipping. You really want the pecans to be protected with some bubble wrap or Styrofoam of some sort.

Ordering honey-roasted pecans in bulk can be a great way to save, especially if you need lots of nuts all at once. Just make sure you ask some questions before you order to make sure the process goes smoothly.