Why Your Convenience Store Should Partner With A Pre-Packaged Food Supplier

If you run your own Mom and Pop–style convenience store or any kind of place where someone can stop in and grab a bag of potato chips or a bottle of pop before hitting the road again, you likely already know which products are your best sellers or which products make you the most money. But if you are looking for a way to expand the options you provide shoppers and branch out into a new product category, one thing you might want to consider is contacting a wholesale food supplier regarding their pre-packaged food items. Here's how this move would benefit your business and your customers.

Offer More Than Just Junk Food to Increase Sales

If you have a limited selection of food items, you might not make as many additional sales or attachments when someone stops by and wants something to eat. But if you offer a more complete set of options including some pre-packaged food that is either healthier or offers a more complete meal than a bag of chips, you may start attaching more of these additional items to that buyer's weekly receipt. Providing more food options will boost your sales over time and increase the amount of margin or profit you make on each receipt.

Compete With the Local Grocery to Increase Marketshare

It can be hard as a convenience store to compete with other retailers these days, especially if there is a local grocery store or a department store with a grocery section nearby. Your store might be closer to someone's home but if you don't have anything but basic junk food, people might drive right by and go to the supermarket instead to get what they want. By working with a wholesale food supplier to increase your stock or inventory, you'll make it more likely that people will stop in and buy from you instead of driving the extra mile down the road to your competition. This will gradually increase your market share within the area and make you more competitive when trying to go toe to toe with a large grocery or department store chain.

Becoming a One-Stop Shop That Serves All of Your Customers Needs May Increase Customer Loyalty

Repeat shoppers are the lifeblood of any convenience store business. You want people to come back week after week to fill up with gas or stop by every morning for their cup of coffee. By offering more options for food, you'll increase the chances that your customers will find an item they enjoy and stop in repeatedly for it multiple times per week.

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