Prime Rib Versatility: Creative Ways to Use Your Prime Rib

Whether you over-ordered your favorite prime rib or you've just found a great prime rib delivery service that ships frozen prime rib right to your door, you might be looking for some great ways to use it up that are more creative than the traditional roast-and-slice meals. While prime rib is a fantastic cut for stand-alone service, there are many different ways that you can use this cut of meat to create fabulous and varied dishes. Here's a look at a couple of different things you can do with that prime rib that's crying out for some creativity.

1. French Dip Sandwiches

When it's cooked properly to just barely medium-rare, prime rib is a tender, flavorful cut of meat that shines in thin slices. French dip sandwiches are a perfect vessel for meats like this. Roast your prime rib until it just reaches medium-rare, so you have that delicate pink, tender center. Then, slice it as thin as you can get it.

Toast some baguette rolls by brushing them with a little bit of melted butter and placing them on a grill pan. For some enhanced flavor, you create herb-infused or garlic-infused butter for this as well.

Make an au jus from the pan drippings of the roasted prime rib, or create an au jus from a mix if need be (such as when you're using leftover prime rib instead). If you are using leftover prime rib, place those thin slices directly into some of the hot au jus or into some steaming seasoned beef broth for a couple of minutes, just to heat it through but not cook it. Then, pile it on the sandwich rolls and serve it with a side of the dipping sauce.

2. Chili

Rich, meaty, hearty chili is a fan favorite almost anywhere. Chili is a fabulous recipe for using up any kind of beef cut, but prime rib works especially well. When you're using a prime rib cut in a chili like this, you'll want to cube that prime rib and sear the cubes on the outside before you put it into the chili. That caramelizes the meat, seals the juices in, and enhances the flavor.

Then, you can create any chili flavor profile you want. In fact, you can even add extra flavor to the prime rib if you rub the cubed beef with a chili seasoning mixture before you sear it. Then, just simmer the chili until the meat is tender and falling apart. This is a rib-sticking alternative to the ground beef chilis that are so often served, and it's sure to not only hit the spot but make that prime rib shine.

These are two of the most popular ways to use prime rib in a more creative dish than just a standard roast. Reach out to a prime rib delivery service near you today to get the cuts you need for dishes like these.