A Few Simple Ways to Cook With Barbecue Sauce

If you are a big fan of barbecue sauce, you might always be looking to try different brands and flavors. You might like a nice, hot barbecue sauce with a great kick or you might like a sweet sauce. Although you might never get tired of trying barbecue sauce, you could be running out of ideas of how to cook with it or how to serve it. These are a few different ideas that you should try.

Add it to Meatloaf

Although you might already have your own traditional recipe for meatloaf, it might be time to switch things up. If you usually use ketchup or tomato sauce in your meatloaf recipe, for example, consider substituting barbecue sauce. This is a great way to switch up an old favorite without changing the flavor profile too much.

Make a Sauce for Meatballs

When you think about eating meatballs, you might think about eating them with tomato sauce and pasta. You can try meatballs with barbecue sauce. This makes a great appetizer or dinner meal. You can use your favorite homemade meatball recipe or you can even use frozen meatballs if you want to prepare a meal quickly and easily. Another great idea is to make a sauce with a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce and a jar or can of grape jelly or cranberry sauce. This is a classic combination that is perfect for making party meatballs.

Make Shredded Meat Sandwiches

Consider preparing chicken or pork in your slow cooker, in the oven or on the grill. When the meat is fully cooked and tender enough, shred it apart with two forks. Then, add a generous amount of warmed barbecue sauce. This shredded meat can then be served on hamburger buns or your favorite bread or you can make sliders with rolls.

Add it to Baked Beans

Baked beans make the perfect side dish for all sorts of meals. You don't have to buy baked beans with a premade sauce, though; instead, you can try making your own baked beans recipe. Simply mix your favorite barbecue sauce with beans and seasonings to create a delicious dish. You can also try sprucing up canned baked beans with a little bit of jarred barbecue sauce for a quick fix.

There are a few different ways that you can cook with barbecue sauce. You can try the ideas above or you can look online for even more ideas. Soon, you might find yourself cooking with barbecue sauce all the time. If you want to try different kinds of hot barbecue sauces, contact services like OKB Sauce.