5 Accessories For Your Coffee-Loving Friend

Do you have someone in your life who absolutely loves coffee? Buying a creative gift for this person might seem tough. You could give them a few bags of coffee or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, but you've done that before—and you want to do something different this time! Here are five coffee-related accessories they're likely to appreciate.

A Long-Handled Spoon

A long-handled spoon will come in really handy when your friend makes coffee in a French press, or when they make coffee beverages in tall glasses. They'll be able to stir their drinks without getting their fingers wet. There are some gorgeous, long-handled spoons with stamped or detailed handles that will look lovely on your friend's coffee shelf.

A Scale

Serious coffee makers know that each type of coffee bean has a different density, so they like to measure their coffee based on weight, not volume. A new kitchen scale will allow them to do a better job of that.

A Stainless Steel Pour-Over Filter

If you know your friend makes pour-over coffee, consider buying them a reusable stainless steel filter for their pour-over. This will save them from having to buy paper filters, which will save them money in the long run while also being beneficial to the planet. 

A Coffee Storage Container

Coffee is best when stored in an airtight container rather than in the bag you purchase it in. The beans last longer and hold onto their flavors for longer when stored in this manner. There are numerous airtight coffee containers on the market. Look for one that matches your friend's kitchen. Consider buying them two or a whole set so they can keep several types of coffee on hand at once.

A Sugar Bowl

A fancy sugar bowl could be another nice gift. One with a tightly fitting top works best, as sugar bowls with looser lids may let moisture get to the sugar, causing it to clump. Some coffee drinkers like to put brown sugar in their coffee sometimes, so you could buy them two matching sugar bowls—one for white sugar and one for brown.

If you have a larger budget, consider buying an assortment of these items and putting them together in a coffee gift basket, perhaps with a bag or two of coffee beans. You could also order them a pre-assembled coffee gift basket that already has some things inside.